b. 1986, HK.

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Creative thinking is what makes us all humans.

As a Creative Director, Cultural Producer and Entrepreneur, having ideas and making them happen is my work.

I love to find and solve business problems in a new, ingenuous, more efficient, engaging, sustainable way.

First as an Art Director, then, after a MBA at Coppead Business School, as a, let’s say, Creative Strategist.

Now at AG365, a content agency founded by me in 2014.

Our “365 Method” was designed to engage and build audiences through social media - a vision that came clear after creating  @Rio365, the world’s first city documentary produced collaboratively, via Instagram.

During this live, organic, process more than 150k original images of Rio were shared by thousands of participants, showing how a “cause”, when mixed with a “365 Idea”, can create 365 days of genuine connection between brands and people to set up cultural movements.

I believe this is the key to helping  brands unleash collaborative content, creating products with marketing embedded, making genuine and sustainable connections across the entire customer's  journey and its multiple micro-moments.

But brand storytelling is not enough.

We’are witnessing a radical disruptive period in the marketing industry and brands should embrace technology to deliver new experiences that benefit our lives.

Actually, if a business has or will have a digital customer, it’s already a tech company - so I believe our work is to  help them think like one, building a digital road map for their transformation.

But when a brand contains affection (and they have to), data-driven decisions are also not enough - we need new, inspiring, intuitive, creative ways to look at their data.

(BTW, that’s why diversity and multidisciplinary people are never enough in any department.)

And because great ideas need relevance, cultural background and ethnological insights to, like Steve Jobs said, inspire us all to connect new dots and reinvent their businesses digitally.

Now AI is the emerging revolutionary force and I can’t wait to start developing it as an human creative allie.

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